Advantages Of Doing Pilates While You Are Expecting

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There has been an influx in the number of expecting mothers that come in for Pilates during the recent past. The concept that Pilates is great to take part in while expecting has been proven with some great benefits that make the labour easier as well. Here are some advantages of taking a good Pilates class while you are expecting your new family member.

It will help you strengthen abdominal and gluteal muscles

During the course of pregnancy a hormone released by the body called relaxin can cause the ligaments between your bones to become much more flexible and this in turn can cause pelvic as well as back aches. By taking Pilates which can also be considered as a form of prenatal physiotherapy, will help you strengthen the deep abdominal muscles which will then give you more stability and less pain in your back or pelvic area. The gluteus medius which is another muscle that can cause pain in the scari-illiac joint can also be strengthened thereby giving you more comfort. Moves such as a slightly modified leg lifts to the side can help with this strengthening process.

It will help you maintain good posture

Many of us have bad or incorrect posture most of the time. We do not stop to check how much we are slouching or sitting in the wrong way. During pregnancy, maintaining good posture is very important for your health and safety. Especially as your baby begins to develop, the better posture you maintain, the lesser your discomfort will be. Maternity physiotherapy and Pilates are both great ways to achieve this.

Stabilize and strengthen the pelvic floor

The weight of the baby and all of the massive hormonal changes that your body is undergoing during this time can insert quite a bit of trauma on your pelvic floor. Engaging in something like Pilates can really help you with making the pelvic floor stronger and more flexible as well. This way, you considerably lose the risk of experience incontinence in both the bowel and the bladder that is something common while expecting.

It helps you to control breathing

Good breathing practices are very important to a pregnant mother as well as her baby. In Pilates, the majority of routines focus a lot on controlling breathing. Practicing breathing exercises is also very helpful when it comes to labour. Because breathing deeply will be restricted due to the stiff nature of the upper back as the baby grows heavier, exercises like the rainbow, that help you open out your arms will also really help regulate breathing.