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Unusual Diets That Keep You Fit

Published / by Leo Hillgrove

The moment people hear the word diet, they assume that the individual in question wishes to lose weight. Contrary to the popular misconception however, a ‘diet’ is simply a controlling of certain foods in order to achieve a goal, whether that is to lose or gain weight, or simply to remain fit and healthy. In addition to the more famous ones (made so by the weight of celebrity endorsements at their back), here are some unusual diets that people follow for various purposes.
Liquid Galore
Some people follow a ‘mostly liquids’ diet, where they drink a lot of various liquids and food in liquid form, and eat very few solid food. They will definitely avoid anything that is too hard and tough, such as meat. If you are thinking of taking it up or even trying it out, get yourself an alkaline water in Australia because if most of your daily diet consists of aqua, then it needs to be the purest and most efficient form you can have. This particular filter will infuse your drink with essential minerals and remove excess acid in your cells, making each mouthful a withering attack on unnecessary fats and lipids stored in your body.
The Detox Diet
There is a belief that the highly processed and chemically washed foods we eat nowadays have a tendency to build up toxins in our systems. In order to get rid of them, we have to ‘detox’ – the process of removing all harmful chemical build up in our bodies by allowing our digestive systems to relax and return to their basic function of absorbing nutrients through the breakdown off organic matter, instead of trying to deal with artificial junk food. In order to do so, people go through periods where they will only consume liquids like lime juice, or water from an acid water neutralizer They might also eat only vegetables and fruits, completely raw or simply steamed, with no elaborate seasoning. 
The Big Picture
A macrobiotic diet may be a little difficult to follow at first, but it’s all about seeing the big picture here. This diet includes eating as many un-processed, whole foods as possible, along with limited artificial condiments like seasoning and sauces. Whole grains, veggies and legumes, a little fish, a little fruit and some indulgences like sweets and meat are recommended. Most people follow this diet to ensure that they remain at a healthy weight because it is said to be able to bring an underweight person to the perfect weight, and reduce the weight of an overweight person into the bargain.